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First Book/Pamphlet Appearances of Nabokov Writings

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Chronological Listing

Camera Obscura, 1936 (Juliar D14.en.1.1)

Despair, 1937 (Juliar A15.2a)

Laughter in the Dark, 1938 (Juliar A14.2a)

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, 1941 (Juliar A21.1a)

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, 1941 (Juliar A21.1b)

Nikolai Gogol, 1944 (Juliar A22.1a)

Three Russian Poets: Selections from Pushkin, Lermontov, and Tyutchev, 1944 (Juliar A23.1a)

Bend Sinister, 1947 (Juliar A24.1)

Nine Stories in Directions #2, 1947 (Juliar A25.1b)

Conclusive Evidence, 1951 (Juliar A26.1)

Speak, Memory, 1951 (Juliar A26.2a)

Lolita, 1955 (Juliar A28.1.1)

Pnin, 1957 (Juliar A30.1b)

The Anchor Review, Number Two of a Series, June, 1957 (Juliar C553)

A Hero of Our Time, 1958 (Juliar A31.1.2)

Nabokov's Dozen, 1958 (Juliar A32.1)

Nabokov's Dozen, London Edition, 1958 (Juliar A32.2)

Invitation to a Beheading, 1959 (Juliar A16.2)

Poems, 1959 (Juliar A33.1a)

Laughter in the Dark, 1960 (Juliar A14.5.2)

Song of Igor's Campaign. An Epic of the 12th Century, 1960 (Juliar A34.1)

Pale Fire, 1962 (Juliar A35.1)

The Gift, 1963 (Juliar A17.2a)

Notes on Prosody, 1963 (Juliar A36.1)

The Defense, 1964 (Juliar A10.2)

Pushkin. Eugene Onegin, 1964 (Juliar A37.1b)

The Eye, 1965 (Juliar A12.2a)

Despair, 1966 (Juliar A15.3a)

The Waltz Invention, 1966 (Juliar A19.1a)

Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited, 1966 (Juliar A26.5a)

Nabokov's Quartet, 1966 (Juliar A38.1b)

Nabokov's Congeries, 1968 (Juliar A39.1)

King, Queen, Knave, 1968 (Juliar A9.2b)

Ada, 1969 (Juliar A40.1.1)

Ada, London Edition, 1969 (Juliar A40.4.1)

Poems and Problems, 1970 (Juliar A41.1)

Mary, 1970 (Juliar A8.2)

Glory, 1971 (Juliar A13.2)

Transparent Things, 1972 (Juliar A42.1)

A Russian Beauty and Other Stories, 1973 (Juliar A43.1)

Strong Opinions, 1973 (Juliar A44.1)

Lolita: A Screenplay, 1974 (Juliar A45.1)

Look at the Harlequins, 1974 (Juliar A46.1)

Tyrants Destroyed, 1975 (Juliar A47.1)

Details of a Sunset, 1976 (Juliar A48.1)

The Nabokov-Wilson Letters 1940-1970, 1979 (Juliar A49.1)

Lectures on Literature, 1980 (Juliar A51.1)

Lectures on Ulysses, 1980 (Juliar A52.1)

Lectures on Russian Literature, 1981 (Juliar A53.1)

Lectures on Don Quixote, 1983 (Juliar A54.1)

The Man from the USSR and Other Plays, 1984 (Juliar A55.1)

The Enchanter, 1986 (Juliar D62.en.1.1)

Juliar, Michael: Vladimir Nabokov, A Descriptive Bibliograpy, 1986

Carrousel, 1987 (Juliar A57.2a)

Vladimir Nabokov: Selected Letters, 1940-1977, 1989 (Juliar A59.1)

The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov, 1995 (Juliar A63.1.1)

Nabokov's Butterflies, 2000 (Juliar A64.1b)

Verses and Versions: Three Centuries of Russian Poetry, 2008 (Juliar A67.1)

The Original of Laura, 2009 (Juliar A68.1a)

Selected Poems, 2012 (Juliar A69.1)

Letters to Vera, 2015

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