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A Letter from Mark Twain to His Publishers, Chatto and Windus, Calling Their Attention to Certain Indiscretions of the Proof Readers of Messers. Spottiswoode & Co., 1929 (BAL 3547)

Letters From Honolulu, 1939 (BAL 3561)

Letters from the Sandwich Islands, 1937 (BAL 3558)

The Letters of Quintus Curtis Snodgrass, 1946 (BAL 3575)

The Love Letters of Mark Twain, 1949 (BAL 3579)

Mark Twain and Fairhaven, 1913 (BAL 3518)

Mark Twain Businessman Edited by Samuel Charles Webster, 1946 (BAL 3573)

Mark Twain the Letter Writer, 1932 (BAL 3554)

Mark Twain to Mrs. Fairbanks, 1949 (BAL 3578)

Mark Twain to Uncle Remus, 1953 (BAL 3583)

Mark Twain's Letters, 1917 (BAL 3525)

Mark Twain's Letters in the Muscatine Journal, 1942 (BAL 3569)

Mark Twain's Letters to Will Bowen, 1941 (BAL 3567)

Mark Twain's Letter to the California Pioneers, 1911 (BAL 3516)

Mark Twain's Letter to William Bowen, 1938 (BAL 3560)

An Open Letter to Commodore Vanderbilt, 1956 (BAL 3584)

Republican Letters, 1941 (BAL 3566)

S.L.C. to C.T., 1925 (BAL 3538)

Washington in 1868 ... Edited by Cyril Clemens, 1943 (BAL 3570)

The Washoe Giant in San Francisco, 1938 (BAL 3559)

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